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Seriously, are these two not GORGEOUS??  I loved photographing these two!  There is sure something special about a bond between a mom and her baby girl.  I love their outfits…simple, but stylish.

We got really lucky with this session, because there was actually some thunder rolling in the distance as we were shooting these and then the sun just barely peeked out!

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Who am I… I am…a mom, a wife, a Christian, a photographer. I am someone who sees that time is moving by way too fast, and I want to stop it. I want to take each memory and keep it forever. For me, a picture is a way to stop time…to recall a feeling….to laugh at a moment captured. I want to look at a portrait on my wall and feel happy. I want to remember. For me, photography is a gift from above. I am someone who had a dream, and through the grace of God, I am living it.