The Hollis Family | Southern Illinois Photographer |Fall Family Session


I loved photographing this family!  Jessica is a fellow photographer in Southern Illinois….so, let’s just say, I might have been a wee bit nervous!  You know how it goes, you always want to make sure you do a good job for someone else that is in the same line of work.  At the same time, I’m also glad that she is the business, because she could just roll with the punches.  We may or may not have discovered the fact that there was a HUGE hornet’s nest above us in one of the trees!  EEK!  And, then there was a nearby electric fence that one of her son’s slightly touched with his foot…oopsie.  He was a tough little guy and it just surprised him, but he was fine.  It’s real life people!  The photoshoots may look magical, but then there are those moments….but, guess what, we still caught a lot of magical moments.  This family LOVES each other!  It was so obvious!  I love being able to capture real life moments.  The perfect smiles are great, too….but, those real cuddles or even moments of chaos…..they are perfect.  Those moments where kids are being kids, where the little guy doesn’t want to let go of his best friend, the monkey and then the real true authentic joy that they have….they are ALL worthwhile moments that make photographs so special.


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Who am I… I am…a mom, a wife, a Christian, a photographer. I am someone who sees that time is moving by way too fast, and I want to stop it. I want to take each memory and keep it forever. For me, a picture is a way to stop time…to recall a feeling….to laugh at a moment captured. I want to look at a portrait on my wall and feel happy. I want to remember. For me, photography is a gift from above. I am someone who had a dream, and through the grace of God, I am living it.