Haven | Wayne City High School Senior | Southern Illinois Photographer


Haven was a real trooper on this photoshoot.  Sometimes, the best places for cool images aren’t necessarily the prettiest.   While, we still got lots of beautiful images (pretty hard for her not to take a good picture), we went on a little adventure which led is to an alley or two, a junk yard, some random road, some old buildings and of course, the studio.  When I scout out for a session, I’m often times not looking for the actual picture perfect look we might have in our minds.  For seniors or even kids, we can find some pretty cool places in the most unexpected spots.  I really love textures, layers and color, however being able to find the right light or to create it is what really makes a difference.

I really loved Haven’s outfit choices…she did an awesome job picking her clothes…stylish and classy!  I love it when clients put a lot of thought into their outfits.  It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope you have a great senior year!!!

I’m still accepting appointments for 2015 Senior Sessions, but they are limited.  If you are considering it, don’t wait!  Once they fill up, I won’t be accepting anymore for the year.  :)


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