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Well, sometimes life just happens. I guess I have this thing called a blog and also a business Facebook page that I need to be paying a bit of attention to. I promise I will try to be better! Truth is, I have two kids, a hubby, a home to keep up with and a business to run. That is just part of it. Throw in there trying to maintain friendships, help coach a basketball team, church stuff, going to photographing conferences to try to learn more and running kids to and from wherever they need to go….sometimes you just get tired. So, sometimes something falls behind and for that, I apologize…because I know how much you all want to hear from me.  😉 So, I’m going to try to do better this round! Be watching for things to come like the following:

  • Examples of how to display your images in your home
  • Behind the scenes pics/video of a session
  • Clothing Ideas for your Portraits
  • Upcoming Children’s Specials
  • Randomness that you just don’t want to miss because it might make you pee your pants (that sounds promising)

But, for now…you just get this cute little comparison shot…. 2015-02-06_0001 Oh, and one more thing….want a chance to win a $25 Gift Card from Kim Hinkle Photography??  See the part over on the side that says Sign up for our latest updates  ——————–>  Well, it’s actually up on the top right.

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Til next time, Kim

About the author

Who am I… I am…a mom, a wife, a Christian, a photographer. I am someone who sees that time is moving by way too fast, and I want to stop it. I want to take each memory and keep it forever. For me, a picture is a way to stop time…to recall a feeling….to laugh at a moment captured. I want to look at a portrait on my wall and feel happy. I want to remember. For me, photography is a gift from above. I am someone who had a dream, and through the grace of God, I am living it.