Our new and exciting journey ahead…




Where do I even begin.  As I sit here looking at the blank page, I am thinking to myself, how do I even begin to explain this journey.  I guess you could say it started as a thought…a slight whisper to my soul with a someday attached.  Adoption.

Over the past year, it felt more and more apparent.  So much that at first I found myself asking “God, are you really telling us to adopt?”  I was praying for clarity, for a sign…I learned pretty quickly when you start paying attention, instead of discounting what you see or hear, you will see how God can work.  Praying for a sign….then, a song would come on the radio about orphans, an article on the internet would pop up about adoption, a friend would share something with me, a beautiful adopted family would be right next to me….over and over and over, and those are just the small things.  At what point, do you quit thinking that things are coincidence and believe that this is part of God’s plan.  Then in January of this past year, I went on a mission trip with Uncharted International to Myanmar.  I was there…I was present…I was looking into the eyes of beautiful orphans.  It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life….so much that my husband, kids and I are planning on going back in December.  Something completely changed in me on that trip.  I knew that we were being called for more.  As I was boarding the plane, I could literally visualize myself walking hand in hand with one of the kids as my own.  Unfortunately, at this time there is not an opportunity to adopt from there…the country doesn’t allow it.  But, I still knew that something had changed and God was leading us to do more.  In fact, the first night I was home, as I laid in bed, I told my husband….I think it’s time.  I’m ready to adopt.  I think he had been on board before I had.  We talked about it over and over again and just started praying for more direction.  We didn’t know what we were saying yes to, but all we knew is that we were saying yes.  “Ok, God…we will adopt.  But, from where?  The US or International…it doesn’t matter to us…what do YOU want us to do?”

We prayed along each step of this journey.  We have a really amazing story to tell as to how God showed us exactly where were supposed to adopt from…the Philippines.  It was not something we just came up with on our own.  And, if anyone would really love to hear it, I would be happy to sit down and tell it.  Right now, it’s something that is near to our hearts and I believe it is as real as me typing the story out right now.  As amazing as it is, I know many people won’t understand and will question our decision…some may even think we are just crazy.  I know…I’ve already had some tell me that   The only thing I can tell you is that I am tired of just living the normal American dream.  I’m tired of being in my comfort zone.  I wanted something more.  I asked Jesus into my heart years ago, but was I walking in faith?  Was I willing to take crazy steps of faith out of my own comfort for the kingdom of God?  Was I willing to walk the walk?  Was I going to say yes to something we were being led to?  It would be easy to ignore everything that was happened, but we can’t.  If not us, then who.




We have a new journey ahead of use and we would covet all the prayers you can offer.  And, if you have questions, we don’t mind to answer.  We know that this road will not necessarily be an easy one and may present challenges…before and after.  But, God is good.  I fully believe that if we are following what He is leading us to do that there is a plan and there is goodness to come.


Right now, we are in the overwhelming paper trail, but every step is a step closer.  Of course, along with the mountain of paperwork comes the amount of checks we have to write out.  I’ve been making some framed scriptures and other sayings and selling them to help with our mission trip fundraising.  This will now be going towards the adoption.  I will post updated designs from time to time.  If you are interested in one, please let me know and I would be happy to make something for you!




Thank you so very much for your support and prayers!

If you made it this far in reading….thank you.   Much love to you!



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